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Data driven, tech infused platform to drive employee engagement, unearth insights, and work together.

idea collaboration

Unearth game changing ideas.
Amp up engagement.
Collaboratively deliver results.

unearth insights
amp up innovation


Innovation Management

Innovation Mgmt

Manage the entire innovation pipeline from ideas to implementation.

Idea Challenges

Unearth insights, collaborate, vote, manage workflows and identify the best opportunities.

Continuous Improvement


Create a channel for a constant inflow of continuous improvement opportunities.

Always On

Create a central place for your trusted employees, partners or customers to provide innovative input.

Voice of the Employee


Open up a channel to listen, close the loop, and respond to employees in real-time.

Idea Growth

Help ideators turn raw ideas into actionable business cases and make more informed decisions.

Information Workflows


Utilize integrated workflows to help manage any type of custom form submission.

Hackthons and Contests


Support live events with with intelligent workflows and live leaderboards.

technology enabling the journey from insights to action


A user-friendly system to collect, manage, stage-gate, workflow, and report on customized submission information.


An effective tool to quickly rank information based on the feedback from multiple groups of functional experts.


Integrated text analytics to automatically group information by topic and sentiment.


An approachable way to scale business and opportunity case development.

tailored for teams


Innovation R&D Teams

Managing a lot of ideas from many people is not easy. We can help you fix that.

Collect, filter, manage and grow ideas at scale.


Operations Teams

Operations is a never ending problem solving task that requires the collaboration of many teams.

Bring those teams together to help work smarter.


Product Teams

You never know who will have the next great product idea or feature insights.

Give your team the opportunity to shine.


HR Teams

Employees desire to be heard and the best companies listen.

Open up the Voice of the Employee.


Sales and Marketing Teams

Keeping an edge on your competition isn't easy while you are remote.

Effortless collaboration, no matter where you are.


Technology Teams

Prioritizing a backlog of features requests can be a headache.

Let the crowd help you prioritize.

Our clients average a 300x return on their investment
Reduce spend by up to 35% compared to typical user-based licensing
Our clients have saved 78% on administrative costs alone
Manage 8x the information by leveraging crowds

a services first technology company

We have worked with hundreds of business leaders and project managers. They value our integrated services because they realize that their time is spent better elsewhere. Consider us your personal assistants with years of expertise.
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with enterprise-grade tech

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Every project is unique. That is why we offer a platform that is easily tailored to meet your requirements.
double_arrow Templated Static Pages
double_arrow Customized Forms
double_arrow Custom Stages and Workflows
double_arrow Tailored Reporting

Intelligent Workflows

It isn't about how many different filtering and workflow features you have. It is about if you have the right ones and how you use them.
double_arrow Open or Closed
double_arrow Best in Class Filtering
double_arrow Stage Gating
double_arrow Automated Emails
double_arrow Autograduation

Secure and Integrated

Enterprise level technology that is flexible, secure, scalable, and user friendly without all the noise and complicated administration.
double_arrow Industry Leading Data Security
double_arrow SSO Integrated
double_arrow Responsive Web
double_arrow Mobile Friendly
double_arrow Design Focused

for small biz to Fortune clients


Programs Run

We have seen it all. With over 2,000 program run, we can ensure you achieve your goals.


Net Promotor Score

NPS is an important mesaure of client satisfaction. We take great pride in our services.


Annual Client Impact

Cummulative annual impact from implemented revenue and cost savings ideas as reported by our clients.

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